Joplin on Android doesnt Clip

I cant Clip any think with my Android phone in Joplin. The version installed is 1.0.200 When I try to Clip a article I get a page with all my notebooks and a + symbol but not the insert window as in my computer. Whats wrong?

There was never a web clipper on mobile.

However, if you mean sharing a text to Joplin that functionality was removed due to a react-native update.

If so, whats the pourpose of Joplin in Android?

To be able to access all your notes on the go and to be able to edit existing notes and create new ones wherever and whenever? It's brilliant on Android :sunglasses:

Yes, I can create a new note from Android but not to transfer any other text as in my main Joplin in the computer.

I don’t understand what you are saying. Joplin has a sync functionality built in.