Setting Table borders in Joplin

Hello all,

Before reporting this as a bug or issue, I thought I'd post the question here, as it could be something I'm doing wrong.
I'm having an issue with tables in Joplin, basically, I can't seem to have them retain borders once I set them in the properties (see attached screenshots). Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or maybe there is another way to set the borders in markdown.
My process was as follows:

  1. Create a simple 2 x 2 table, which looks fine
  2. Click on another note
  3. Go back to the note with table and borders revert to dotted lines.
  4. Click table properties, set border to '2' and it seems to look fine, but then if I leave the note again and then go back, the borders are gone.

Anyone else have this issue and is it something I'm doing wrong?



Joplin_Table_border_Issue.pdf (112.7 KB)

This is one of the limitations of the rich text editor, whilst the table will show in that editor the notes are still saved in markdown format so no matter what choices you make to the formatting they will still be saved to markdown tables which look like:

| Col A | Col B |
| ----- | ----- |
| A1    | B1    |
| A2    | B2    |

and don't really have much in the way of additional formatting.