Rich Text editor on Tables


I am using Joplin 2.4.9 in Windows 10. I noticed 2 things when editing a table with the "Table" button while in Rich Text mode, in "Table properties" as well as in "Cell"/"Cell properties":

  1. the width option does not work, or when it seems to work, it does not stick: changing to another note then returning to the edited note reverts the width to the automatically calculated value. What is strange is that I couldn't find any way to set column width in standard markdown, so I guess this option should be removed from the menus.
  2. just like for the width option, the align option does not stick. But this is standard markdown, so it should work. I checked that manually setting alignments with colons does work as expected. OTOH, this is a column property, IMO, so it shouldn't be mentioned in the cell properties.

Am I missing something, or are these bugs?

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