Tables do not stay after clicking on another note


I copy a table from an html page, and paste it in a note using the Rich Markdown editor. Now it looks great, then I change to another note and get back to this oen with the tables. The tables are gone, all the content looks like a big mess. Why is this happening, is there a way to keep the tables in place? :frowning:

Joplin 2.10.6, Windows 11 Rich Markdown v0.13.2,

This occurs because at its core Joplin is based on Markdown and Markdown has limits when it comes to table formatting. When you leave the note after pasting the table Joplin has to convert the table to Markdown code. In doing so some of the more advanced table formatting will be lost. You could try clipping the table so it gets converted as it is captured and you can see the changes immediately.

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