Is it normal that background color of cells isn't saved?

I'm using Joplin 2.8.8 for Linux.
Whenever I change color to a cell in a table, if I click out of the note, when I go back to the note the color is back to default.
What do I do wrong?

You haven't done anything wrong but Joplin stores everything in markdown internally which does not support extra formatting features. The additional formatting from the rich text editor is lost during the conversion to markdown.

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Thank you for answering.
Now a question comes to mind, why do we have the possibility to format cells if formatting from the rich text editor can't be saved?

The editor is called tinyMCE, it isn't something developed for joplin. There are a few areas still where the integration isn't great (such as tables) where it can create formats in html that we can't save as markdown.

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Oh thank you for the clarification. Do we know if a better integration between rich text editor and markdown under development? Or maybe even a new native rich text editor and markdown "language"?

Is it possible to help?

Most of the conversation was about making those features inaccessible rather than supporting them, it just stops people thinking that something is expected when it isn't.

I don't think there is any appetite to support something that isn't markdown based simply because you remove portability and move away from the specifications that Joplin follows which have a lot of implications.

One possibility I guess would be to prevent a conversation and use the html but that would mean it would be very difficult to edit that table in markdown.

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