Set Joplin Sync Options remotly

I have to install Joplin Desktop on many Windows systems. This will be done remotely. Now I also want to set up the Sync remote as well. Is there a way i can do that? Is the a cli command to set these options that I can run on the system or is there a File i can Edit and copy on the target system? The Enduser will prly not be skilled enough to do it themselves. The Accounts for the Joplin server exist.

Joplin's sync configs are stored in an sqlite database. I'm pretty sure there are CLI tools that let you insert keys into sqlite. You just need to make sure Joplin isn't running when you do this.

I also vaguely remember some asking this question here before but I can't find it right now.

I think that rather than the database, this info is in the settings file.


There are keys like and sync.X.path.

I'm not sure where the password is stored, though.

When you say that the accounts for the "Joplin server" exist, do you mean the actual product Joplin Server or another server (Nextcloud/webdav/other)? I only mention it as, unlike Joplin itself, Joplin Server is licenced for personal non-commercial use only and the situation you describe sounds as if it could possibly be commercial. I just didn't want to see you solve this and do the work just to find that you are breaking the licence terms.

If this deployment is personal and non-commercial (or not Joplin Server) then I apologise for making the assumption.

Thank you for your input. There is no intent at all to use it for any commercial use. To my understanding there will not be any breach of licence. But thank you for bringing this up! It is an important point to watch out for.

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My folder under users/appdata... looks nothing like yours. Which location is that?

Looks like the Joplin data folder:


That's where the notes database, attachments, settings, custom css, etc are stored.

On my Linux system it is stored in the database.sqlite Settings table, as Help > About for Joplin shows Keychain Supported: No. However on Windows I believe that it is stored in the Credentials Manager in the Windows Credentials section if Help > About shows Keychain Supported: Yes.

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