:server status - Error: ClipperServer.instance(...).isRunning is not a function

I’ve installed terminal version to both a (latest, fresh) Debian and Ubuntu server build and have Joplin up and running and syncing data via Dropbox. When trying to issue the

:server status

command, however, I get the error message

ClipperServer.instance(...).isRunning is not a function

at the command prompt. I can’t see anything in the logs that looks related. I’m happy to provide any extra version info or config if this is not a known issue. Thanks in advance.

on my side I have

Cannot find module 'multiparty'                

The server command is not finished as far as I know. It was just on a test branch and not part of the official release.

Yeah, I installed multiparty

npm install multiparty

to get past that error.

Oh, OK. I’m trying to get the joplin-web thing going and I kind of assumed the server was necessary, perhaps I am wrong.

for joplin-web to work, you need to start joplin-desktop which opens the webclipper port, to be able to “talk” to joplin with http://localhost:port/<endpoints>

from the joplin-web README

Don’t forget to start your joplin editor to be able to reach the webclipper port

OK, so I must have the joplin desktop running to get the joplin-web running, not just joplin terminal version? rats - I was hoping to get the joplin-web running on a headless server box without the GUI over head :frowning:

if joplin-terminal opens the webclipper port too (I don’t know ; I thought until now it was not possible) it('s possible
joplin-web expects to reach that webclipper port otherwise it’s dead

that explains I have the Joplin web page showing in a browser (on Debian) but the connection is failing. I'll try to install the Ubuntu desktop Joplin (I couldn't get the desktop to work under Debian) and see where I get to - cross fingers someone gets the Clipper working for the terminal version (which I guessed was the "server" I was trying to start). Thanks again, I'll come back to this thread with how that goes - it's getting late here and time for Friday beers :slight_smile:

or you can drop a feedback on Joplin Web - Web application companion for Joplin

OK all that above got a bit too hard, so instead I’ve written a read only app in python and web.py that reads a copy of the sqlite db and resources folders and presents in a web browser. The code is at https://github.com/mowbraym/joplin-webview and there are some screen shots there too. NOTE I am not a python programmer and have never used web.py before so this code might be crap so if anyone has suggestions to improve it please let me know.

Maybe you want to create a new topic (e.g. title something like 'read only web app' and a few sentences with a link to the repo) and we can add it to the Apps category. Your web app might be useful to others as well.

Good idea. I'm just polishing up a few UI features then will announce to the Joplin world :slight_smile: