Server Intermittent Login Problems


I've been working to get Joplin Server (2.10.5) running via docker so I can sync notes on my home network. I've had some issues logging in (and thus syncing).

The biggest issue is that I can't connect to the server from Joplin on Android 13. Possibly related is that on my Windows 10 computer I can sync from Joplin portable, I can login to the admin ui from firefox, but not from librewolf.

Annotated server logs showing attempts:

Joplin_annotated_server_logs.txt (5.0 KB)

More info in next post due to new user upload restriction.

Log file #1 from Android phone (Couldn't get all the relevant ones in a single screenshot):

Log File #2 From Android Phone:

I also made some changes to the docker-compose file, so here is that in case it is helpful. The compose and env files are separate files, but I aggregated the info here for ease of viewing:
docker_compose_env_info (2.2 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance on where to start troubleshooting you can give

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