Send a command to the terminal from a note?

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There are many situations where I think I would like to select a piece of text from one of my notes and send it to a terminal. Is there a way to do this?

If I assume that the text is already in a notebook, then my current workflow for your question is like this:

  • open joplin terminal with profile of desktop version
  • Find the note with the snippet
  • Edit the note with vim and to to the text I want to send
  • or for visual mode and select the text
  • "+yy to yank the text to proper clipboard
  • :terminal (to open a terminal from vim)
  • navigate to the proper place where the text will be pasted
  • to paste the text

If I already have a terminal open, "+yy should make the text available in the system clipboard.

I use this flow for very complex git commands or other command line things that I am not able to remember. But it is not limited to command line. The "+yy should send the selected text to the clipboard for any program to use.

It is a complex workflow, but joplin is so far the best snippet manager I have ever used with linux (and windows since I started hacking in powershell some months ago) because it syncs on all machines having Joplin. I use vim as editor, but people using emacs can probably manage the same.

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Hi @svenn71

Thank you for your answer. Yes I am doing something quite similar at this point with a copy/paste into a drop down terminal. I was thinking of something more automated that would allow sending from a code block in Joplin for example. But I think it would probably deserve a dedicated plugin.