Seeing entries deleted during sync when I didn't delete anything

New user here and I noticed after exporting a bunch of notes from Evernote, importing them into Joplin, during the sync to Dropbox I saw several times it said "deleted 1". But considering I didn't delete anything and only uploading at that point, I am a little concerned I might be losing notes? With over 2,000 notes it would be hard to tell if one was deleted during Sync that shouldn't have been.

Are you sure it isn't just clearing revisions past your note history limit?

I am not certain. All I know is I imported several notebooks (about 800 notes total), set a sync target to Dropbox, and I watched several times it said "deleted 1" during that time. And I hadn't changed, deleted, or created anything. I was waiting for it to finish less I might mess something up (some older sync systems were susceptible to this, doubted it was the case with Joplin, but wasn't about to take the chance either).

As for clearing revisions past the note history limit, in this instance I am only adding. And I have 90 or so revisions if I recall correctly. So it can't be that.

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