Introducing Hardik0307

Hello Everyone!

I'm Hardik Bagada, 3rd-year Computer Engineering Student from DD University, Nadiad, India. Super excited to contribute to the Joplin Project. I have read instructions, manuals, and recommended steps for the project.

I go through ideas for this project. Two of the ideas I found interested and it makes me energetic to contribute:

  1. Sharing On Mobile
  2. Password-protected Notes

I've worked with React-Native and Javascript applications(Experience - Moderate Level).
Currently, going through the codebase of Joplin and understanding system. Most of the "Good First Issue" is assigned so how I proceed further?

Looking forward to contributing to the project and gaining a great learning experience.

Github Account : Hardik0307
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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we are currently adding additional "good first issue".
Otherwise you can check the issues marked with the “high” label, or “enhancement” or “bug”.

Additionally I will post reminder today or tomorrow to remind them on their work.
If they don’t respond on GH, others can pick-up their issues.
You can also ask in specific issues for updates, if you don't get a response within one or two days, you ok to take it

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Okay. Thank you for response!