Searching by phrase in the command palette

I really enjoy the command palette for searching as it gives me the context of the text I'm searching for. I have a section of the text surrounding the highlighted search string. Great! If I do a normal search, I get a list of notes, but no context, so have to investigate further in each note to choose what to look for.

I went a bit crazy last weeks and copy-pasted/scanned the contents and indexes of all my cookbooks into Joplin! So, it's really nice if you're looking for a phrase to see the rest of the information around the search, it saves a bit of digging into the notes - because it's not immediately apparent what I'm looking for.

Currently, I believe the command palette doesn't support searching for phrases - so you can search for a word, or two words in a document, but not two words together. I've seen that I can use a + sign to join two words together - or maybe this just requires the document to have both of them, but if I do that, I lose the context.

Is there any way to get phrase searching in the command palette? Or perhaps some context in the regular search? Or am I missing some part of the functionality. There's not a ton of information on the forum about this seemingly underused (?) feature.

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