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Feature Request: Command Palette Enhancements

First of all... I love the new command palette. Great work :+1:

But I still have two small wishes to make it perfect imho. To be honest, they are just copied from the Visual Studio Code command palette. But I think it could be useful in Joplin as well.

  1. Would it be possible to save the last 5 or 10 used commands (recently used) and then list them at first when you open the command palette?

    • So if I hit Ctrl+P and then Enter, the last used command would be triggered again.
  2. It would also be useful if the command palette shows the assigned keyboard shortcut for each command.


I'd appreciate (2) as well - that would be a quicker way to check a shortcut than by going into the options menu (especially starting with your hands on the keyboard).

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[not sure if it was correct to revive this thread, so please split if that is better]

I'm trying to go all-in on the command palette and would also appreciate the two suggestions in the OP.

I'd also like to suggest adding the following commands (that as far as I know, don't exist)

  • Restart Joplin
  • Open Prefrences
  • Open userchrome.css
  • Open userstyle.css
  • Toggle development tools
  • All notes
  • Change theme

I'd also like to suggest that the command "setTag" be changed to "addTag." It is true that "add tag" might be interpreted as "add a new tag in general", but since we can't do that any way, no need to reserve the command.