Search within a note or more than one word search

This is my feature request:-
Currently it is only possible to do a one word search. Some of my notes are very long and segmented and it is too time consuming to trawl through them in an effort to find one snippet of information. A search within a note or the ability to search with more than one word would make this task much easier.
For example, I have 66 notes that contain ‘ssh’. I want to narrow that down to those containing the word ‘port’ as well, even better if I could include a third word.
Also, then, the ability to be able to jump between the ‘finds’ within a note.
For me these features are essential.

A second, but significantly less important feature, would be the ability to highlight a word, or string of words, and then be able to use a keyboard shortcut to enter the appropriate markdown for bold, italics etc. This, for example can be achieved in QOwnNotes by highlighting a word and then pressing Ctrl-B to get ‘bold’.


Yes I think a search inside note should be necessary.
Also “find in page” during the editing process because I usually sort content blocks inside notes but I find very difficult to reach the part I need to modify or where I want to insert new content.

That’s will be great


I think the search within note would be so useful as well!


+1 I also miss this feature on Android when I try to find something in a very long note.

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