Request a feature about search functionality (very usefull),search multiple keyword by line or paragraph

Feature description
In one word, it’s just “search multiple keyword line by line or by paragraph within all of my notes ;maybe working just like linux’s grep -irl ? but support searching multiple keyword at the same time” ; the expected format of this feature may be the additional search prefix ,maybe just like evernote , eg: inline:xxx or inparagraph:xxx ; the optional format may be supporting tag at line level and searching with these tags at the same time

Feature motivation
Go so far as I know, why the function is useful ? lot’s of scene ,eg: I need organize lots of
knowledge(with title or subtitle) in one note because of my job,I write because I want search ,
isn’t right? Further eg: I need to search word ‘docker’ and ‘usage’ in the same line ,but the search
result always include lots of useless unexpected , because of many note include the two word
but not in the same line, also unexpeceted result with evernote in the same scene ;

To be continued
I’m so frustrated that nowadays 2020 there is no vendor of note taking app realized that
searching two word In same line means more than in the same note , have they forgetten that
note taking right now is for search in the future, searching is the soul of a note taking app, isnn’t it?