Search in iOS app

Will it be possible to highlight the search term in a note like how it is done for the Windows Desktop app ?

Will it be possible to search within a note itself ? I understand there is a similar request which was closed in Github -

Welcome to the forums. I’m glad you at least searched a bit before you posted. I’ve been here like a week now and my first two posts were definitely about things i could have researched a bit. Ha

Also, in the issue you linked, there was an embedded link to another issue that was similar.

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Dang, looks like the possibility is kinda low given the issue has been outstanding for quite some time…

Do you know how to write in nodejs / reactjs and can figure out how code works by just following the chain of how everything is connected? If so, you could always try to write your own implementation, submit a pull request and see what the devs say about it.