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Joplin 2.13.13 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 44515b213f6a4b20b8df93f12e03a16c
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: c3cdeeb

Email Plugin: 1.0.0
Hotfolder: 1.1.1

What issue do you have?

please see attachments - i use custom tags like h99 to find groups of items, in this case all HSBC banks have this term in the note - there are 10 of them - only 4 show up in joplin search - how can i get accurate searching with data stored in Joplin please?

I am afraid you have to be more explicit.
Meanwhile ..., as far as I know the "goto anything" command does not list tags or notes tagged with the search term.

i'm sorry i don't understand your suggestion - more explicit - as in more specific? in the query or in the question i asked? i am using the search box on the top of the screen, not gogo anything command which i have not tried yet.
question: term h99 is in 10 notes, search finds only 4 of them - please advise how to fix search if possible so i can continue to use joplin.
query: i don't see how i can be more specific on terms - text is in the notes and does not appear in the search for that term - how can i know that joplin is returning accurate results from my note database? i use random terms like bk99 for banks so they all collect together - similar to tags but i had this pattern down ever since i switched from memory mate because the newer programs did not have tree structure layout. thanks for the response.

One possible cause is that Joplin versions (before 2.14) only finds full-word matches by default.

Adding *s allows Joplin to find partial matches. For example, try searching for *h99* instead of h99.

Edit: According to the search documentation, *h99* may not work (and only h99*).

but my search is for a full word, not partial.

i attached examples, but can't see them - here they are again. h99 is a term in all HSBC bank accounts - as you can see only 4 come up on search when there are 10 matches total - please advise how to move this bug forward or if i am searching wrong somehow. thanks.

Starting a search query with a / should enter a slower (but different) search mode ("basic search").

Do the correct results show up if the search query starts with a /? (For example, search for /h99 instead of h99?)

/h99 beings up 76 matches - only 10 of which are real matches - the others do not have the quoted text at all.
"h99" brings up the same 4 matches (ot of 10) that h99 finds.
h99 *surrounded by stars) brings up the same 4 + 1 additional note that has no match inside the text.
does this search system have problems with numbers?
bk99 search finds 40 of the 64 matches in the database - so same issue.
this seems like a pretty serious issue - is nobody else seeing this?

why do you guys keep mentioning version 2.14? i got updated yesterday to the current version and it is 2.13.14 - web version is the current version, yes?

They are referring to pre-release (beta) versions. You are right, the current "published" version is 2.13.14. The latest pre-release is 2.14.9.

According to the release cycle the development of 2.14.x is due to get feature "frozen" in the second half of February 2024 for final bug fixing and then published as a "full" version in the first week of March 2024.

Many people who either need a version with a particular improvement or just want the very latest Joplin has to offer, opt to install pre-releases. To get them either just download the installer from GitHub or go to Configuration > Application in Joplin's settings and tick the box "Get pre-releases when checking for updates".

The below roll-up lists most of the changes made to the 2.14.x line as of the date of this post. One of them is Improved: Search for partial matches by default, unless the query is surrounded by quotes which I guess is why 2.14.x is getting mentioned.

Changes in v2.14.x to date

Fixed: Fix AWS S3 sync error (#9696) (#8891 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Allow importing a directory of ENEX files (#9693)
Improved: Frontmatter importer: Support Notesnook-style timestamps (#9684) (#9683 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Update Simple Backup to v1.3.5 to fix some notebooks exported twice while creating a backup (#9677 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Updated packages fs-extra (v11.2.0)
Improved: Updated packages sharp (v0.33.1)
Fixed: Fix ENEX import issue (20b1c2e)
New: Add support for OCR (#8975)
Improved: Add Simple Backup as a default plugin (#9360) (#7934 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Api: Search for partial matches by default, unless the query is surrounded by quotes (401d551)
Improved: Cancel showing unresponsive dialog when receiving "responsive" event (#9487) (#9480 by Henry Heino)
Improved: CodeMirror 6 markdown editor: Support highlighting more languages (#9563) (#9562 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Don't create an extra copy of default plugins (load directly from the app bundle) (#9508) (#7934 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Handle Dropbox payload_too_large error (f267d88)
Improved: Include more information when auto-generating import error report (17c25b7)
Improved: Make backspace delete auto-matching brackets (#9527) (#9526 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Mention in sync wizard that Dropbox and OneDrive are slow on first sync (#9261)
Improved: Optimise synchronisation by making delta call return whole items (5341501)
Improved: Plugins: Expose common CodeMirror 6 packages to plugins (#9474) (#9473 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Remove unnecessary warning when importing ENEX file (7e50b11)
Improved: Restore note links after importing an ENEX file (#9596)
Improved: Search for partial matches by default, unless the query is surrounded by quotes (#9343)
Improved: Add support for changing text colors in rich text editor (#9578) (#9468 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Fix table-of-contents links to headings with duplicate content (#9610) (#9594 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Render mermaid diagrams in dark mode when Joplin is in dark mode (#9631) (#3201 by Henry Heino)
Improved: Updated packages @playwright/test (v1.40.1), @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.18.1), electron-builder (v24.8.0), highlight.js (v11.9.0), mermaid (v10.6.1), nanoid (v3.3.7), react, react-select (v5.8.0), style-to-js (v1.1.9), tesseract.js (v5.0.3), ts-loader (v9.5.1)
Fixed: Fix Beta Editor diff highlighting (#9525) (#9524 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fix HTML resource links lost when editing notes in the rich text editor (#9435) (#9304 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fix code block borders in headers of Beta Markdown editor (#9523) (#9522 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fix code blocks with blank lines break tables in the rich text editor (#9587) (#9586 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fix importing certain ENEX notes that include invalid tables (00eee19)
Fixed: Fix list renumbering and enable multiple selections (#9506) (#9200 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fix maximum width setting not respected by beta editor (#9529) (#9528 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: Fixed copying and pasting an image from Chrome in RTE (2c9bf9f)
Fixed: Fixed importing invalid tables from ENEX files (a2ded18)
Fixed: Fixes issue with resources having no associated files when the RAW import process is interrupted (#9484)
Fixed: HTML notes are not readable in dark mode (#9511)
Fixed: Import ENEX archives that contain files with invalid names (#9548)
Fixed: Markdown-FrontMatter exporter generates invalid file when note starts with a dash in title (#9483)
Fixed: Ubuntu: Fix window sometimes doesn't appear on startup (#9561) (#9045 by Henry Heino)
Fixed: When importing Markdown+FrontMatter files that contain images with a data URL source, the import fails (#9485)
Fixed: When importing a Markdown file that contains a link to an invalid image, import fails (#9486)

Warning - If you wish to try the pre-release please make a backup of your notes first or use another computer / vm to see if it solves your problem. I have just checked and if you install 2.14.9 over 2.13.14 it will update your database to a version that is not compatible with 2.13.14. So, if for some reason you needed to, you would not be able to revert back to 2.13.14 just by re-installing it over 2.14.9.


well i have personally not seen software beta versions where everyone is using and discussing the beta rather than the released version- it seems to me a separate forum section for beta discussion would be less confusing.

There is a Beta Testing section for those that test the pre-releases and want to create a post. However the mention of 2.14 was in the thread you created in Support. When people raise a support request and describe an issue that has or may have been solved in a pre-release, they are often advised that a fix is in the pipeline and they can get it now if they use the pre-release. This probably happens more with Joplin that other software as the pace at which changes are implemented is quite brisk. Also the pre-release info page I linked to in my post does say:

In general it is safe to use these pre-releases as they do not include any experimental or unstable features. Hundreds of users run them without any issue. Moreover even if you do find an issue, you can report it and it is usually fixed very quickly as these bugs are given the highest priority.

So a pre-release is not going to be as sketchy as some betas that get published by others. I suppose they have more of a "release candidate" status.

Anyway, getting back to the actual topic of this thread...

I am just another user but I have tried to reproduce the issue as getting the problem confirmed can help the devs. The only way I could get the same result as you was if I imported very large HTML notes with lots of HTML code as well as the note text. Then if I edited the text in the Rich Text Editor by, say, adding "h99" as a complete word, a search afterwards would not find the note. However if I left it and searched again later the word was found and the note included in the search results. I am guessing that the indexer is having to run through all the HTML code as well as the note text and it is taking time to complete.

Are the problem notes imported HTML and do they now appear after a search?


my import was done as MD - not HTML. thanks for the details on beta - RC is a better term for what you guys are doing - thanks.

I agree. this seems to be a big issue. Please try ctrl-p and see if the results are also bad. I looked but can't find a way to re-index your database, but I'm hoping someone chimes in here who can help you move forward.

I'd also try making a couple of new notes with h99 and bk99 in them and see if new notes are found.

If there is no way to re-index, is there a standard procedure of export and then import which would re-index?

Possibly-related issue:

It seems possible to paste NULL characters into Joplin notes (testing by copy-pasting from one note to another). It's probably also possible to import them. These characters break search.

NULL characters show up as red "invalid character" dots in the markdown editor: screenshot: Red dot

I imported notes from Evernote and now can't find a lot of notes containing words in Russian if it means. Even in 2.14

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