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Joplin 2.13.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 0377e16e271a43f1a363abed80304ce3
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 1bbec44

What issue do you have?

I am trying to filter notes by searching for 2 or more tags. For example, I want to find notes having those 2 tags: 904 L Cedar Crest Ct & Wire Instructions.

@kalipavlova welcome to the forum.

What you want can be done. Have a look at the entry for tags in the searching section of the help page.

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Hi @kalipavlova ,
welcome here.

You could try any:1 tag:904 L Cedar Crest Ct tag:Wire Instructions.

As explained by the documentation Searching | Joplin

Edit : @dpoulton is the faster and the winner!

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I tried typing in the Search field
tag:allocation tag:timesheet
but Joplin did not find any notes.

Why is it not working properly?


I guess that you have imported your note data from another app? I say this as some of your tags are mixed or upper case which you can have after an import but not for tags created in Joplin. Joplin itself does not use mixed case tags.

Being a long term Joplin user I cannot test this myself as I have no mixed case tags and I cannot create them. Try searching tag:Allocation to see if, for some reason, tag searching is case sensitive.

You need to add any:1 before the searched tags.

As it's explained by the documentation page

Return notes that satisfy any/all of the required conditions. any:0 is the default, which means all conditions must be satisfied.	any:1 cat dog will return notes that have the word cat or dog.
any:0 cat dog will return notes with both the words cat and dog.

Thank you for your response!
I am trying to search for notes, containing 2 tags: IRA Notice & Foundation Group

I tried searching like you suggested (please see attached):
any:0 IRS Notice Foundation Group
any:1 IRS Notice Foundation Group

Joplin is finding only notes which contain the words Foundation Group in the title of the note.

Please let me know if you have any comments.



try this syntax, with any:1 not any:0
any:1 tag:IRS Notice tag:Foundation Group

Type carefully, typos are time wasting source.

any:1 makes it an OR search and will find notes that have the first tag OR the second tag.

Example: any:1 tag:tag1 tag:tag2

any:0 makes it an AND search and will find notes that have the first tag AND the second tag.

Example: any:0 tag:tag1 tag:tag2

The default search type is AND so

tag:tag1 tag:tag2
any:0 tag:tag1 tag:tag2

mean the same.

Finally, it appears that if the tag name comprises more than one word the tag name needs to be enclosed in quotes. So to search for a note that has the tag tag one it would be tag:"tag one".


To search for a note that is tagged with both of the tags joplin desktop and linux it would be:

tag:"joplin desktop" tag:linux

To search for a note that is tagged with either of the tags joplin desktop or linux it would be:

any:1 tag:"joplin desktop" tag:linux

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