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Searching for “cat” cannot find “cataclysmic”, can you add a search option so that you can search for “cataclysmic”. Thank you

搜索 “cat” 不能找到 “cataclysmic”,能否增加一个搜索选项,以便可以搜索到 “cataclysmic”。谢谢

The current search is not very friendly to Chinese and English. For example, using “OFFICE” will not search for notes containing “微软OFFICE”


You are right. In view of also the issue with the slow updating, I will try to find a non-standard workaround.

You would need to search cat*

Please see:

There’s also a modification to the “GoTo Anything” search being developed which, if / when merged, will additionally allow a text search of the note body for all notes using CTRL+G.

Thank you for your reply. The notes contain both Chinese and English, such as “微软Office”, which cannot be searched with “Office”, so I hope that Joplin can solve this problem.

感谢你的回复,笔记中包含中英文,比如“微软Office”,用“Office”搜索不到,所以希望 joplin 能能解决这个问题。

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Hmm, yes that’s a limitation of the current search engine. If you search for Chinese text, I’m guessing it will find your note? If you search for English text in English notes it will also find it. But if you search for an English word in a Chinese note, it won’t find anything.

I don’t have any easy solution for this. I guess you could try to include Chinese words that are near the English one. For example “软Office” should find your note because the Chinese character will make the search engine switch to the right mode, but obviously you don’t always know what word will be next to what you search.

As a temporary fix, would you think it worthwhile to add an option to use only the basic search (which should solve the issue for this case)?

Issue remains, refers to: [Joplin 1.7.11] search engine doesn't work accurate · Issue #4482 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub