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It does appear to work, perhaps I had too many notes with PDF attachements (>500) and it took longer than I anticipated for the OCR function to process all of them. I guess a status bar would be helpful.

Anyway, no the issue is that the search results sort the matching notes in apparently random order, would like a way to sort the results reverse-chronologically.


A couple of other threads mention the "find in resource" plugin, but it's not quite what I want. I want to be able to use the main search window and find matching text inside a PDF. not OCR text from a PDF, but a PDF with actual text in it. I would like search results to return matches from a PDF.

I thought maybe the OCR function would just index the text inside a PDF and make it available to search but it does not seem to do this.


After enabling OCR it is working for me on the clients with OCR Support

Is your PDF a scanned document? or a document that was printed to PDF.

PDF's that were made by printing to PDF's have text inside that you can select even in markdown previewer. search does not return results from inside the PDF even with OCR enabled.

I retract my original question. It appears to work now, perhaps I did not give it enough time for the OCR to process all my attachments. Maybe a status bar would be helpful in this regard.

I am able to return search results, however, I would like the notes with the attachments that match the search to be sorted in reverse chronological. It seems random.

Search order

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Thank you Jack, your reply is very helpful. not helpful in getting my results in reverse-chronological, but in explaining the order. :smiling_face: