Highlighting Search Results in Source Window

Currently when you press Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac to search within a note the results are highlighted in the rendered / right side of the note.

However, many of my notes are plain text and far more readable in the source / left side of the note than they are in rendered / right side of the note.

Can the search matches that are highlighted red in the rendered side of the note also be highlighted red in the source side of the note? This would make the in-note search much more useful for me and I would imagine many others. And fortunately shouldn’t take much effort or code to do.

Thanks for Joplin, it’s awesome! I used it to replace JreePad (32 bit only) when I moved to Catalina.


This will be a very useful improvement because currently users have to waste time trying to manually locate the position of search results in the editor window. This is especially relevant for long notes.

Also, it will be great to have a quick shortcut or search menu button to be able to jump the cursor to the search result position. This will save lots of time.

A typical use-case is when one has to find and edit a specific section in a long note. The fastest way would be to navigate and jump the cursor using search.

Bumping this. I came here trying to figure out why there was no highlighting in my searches. Surprised to find the issue is that highlighting just isn’t done when you’re only displaying the edit pane, as I typically am.

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This is indeed a problem since the words present in the rendered view don’t necessarily line up with the editor.
The current note editor view doesn’t really support search in the editor but fortunately for you the beta codemirror editor will support search in editor (this is already available on the pre-release channel). The wait is almost over!


That’s great news. Thank you!