Search forces layout change

Good morning community!
I use search within note quite a lot. And I think it’ll be reasonable the search doesn’t force the layout (editor/viewer) but simply keep the current one.

On my case I almost always use editor layout and it’s annoying search action change this each time.

What do you think? is it doable? What’s your point?

Thank you, as always I say: “Joplin is the best FOS note tool ever!”

Just a user, not a dev.

There is currently an open issue about this.

It seems that this currently occurs because CTRL+F search results are shown only in the viewer pane. So if you are displaying only the editor pane and Joplin didn’t show the viewer pane when a search was requested, you would not see the search hits.

There have also been posts in the forum, such as this one, asking that search hits are also shown in the editor pane.

So it’s been flagged but I don’t know if it will be / is being worked on.

thanks for answering! :wink:

It’s a very good point you make. I too would like to be able to search with just the editor pane open. Also having a search / replace or even a regex search / replace would be brilliant…

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