Search does not report hits


I may be missing something but Search does not report number of matches. Is it displayed somewhere that I am not seeing?


I am a little confused by your wording: you are "missing sth ... " what is or is supposed to be displayed somewhere ?? the number of hits in a search ?

That's odd! Text looks fine to me...

Yes, all I am asking is does Search display a number anywhere to show how many matches have been found?


When sth looks "odd" this can have three reasons according to the Shannon theory of information. Odd at the sender's end, odd at the receiver's end, or message distorted in transmission :wink:

Assuming we talk about "search in all notes", not in "goto anything', then ...
no, it does not. But let's say you entered a meaningful search term (not just e* or s* in any note), you get a list of notes with some highlighted (search term appeared in title) and some others (search term found in the note). For many cases this may just be as good as a total count. But it is inaccurate when that search term occurs multiple times in a single note. This note only shows once.

Thanks. I think your answer is 'no' ... :thinking:

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was just trying to help :wink:

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