Scrolling while in edit mode often broken in iOS apps

Hello, I’ve noticed a problem lately (I’m not sure what version this began) in the iOS apps whereby you’re unable to scroll when in edit mode.

On 10.0.47, if there’s a moderately long note, when you enter into edit mode, then try to scroll down, the screen is glued to the top and won’t scroll. You can even manually move the cursor input down to where it’s hidden behind the on-screen keyboard, but the screen still will not move down. I’ve tried to capture this in the .gif video attached to this post.

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I am currently having a similar problem on IOS.

When I open a long note in edit mode, the cursor is automagically placed at the bottom of the note, instead of at the position where I was last editing.

This is not great, but it is made far worse by the fact that I am unable reposition the cursor after scrolling back/up to the location where I wish to edit.

When scrolling back/up it is not possible to reposition the cursor by more than a single page. For a long note, this takes a long time, making the IOS fairly useless for editing long notes.

It seems like this is a bug that could be easily fixed. No?

Try opting into the beta editor in your config options.