RFE: android mobile app note scrollbar

I use the desktop application primarily. And I have a lot of lengthy notes (really, they are documents).

The desktop application opens a note and positions the cursor at the top. The mobile app positions the cursor at the bottom (this is a design decision that is a different discussion). As an example, my note named !!!SCRATCH is the note I throw down random ideas, meeting scraps of wisdom and such ... This note is quite large. All new stuff is at the top. For another example, I also recently wrote a 2000-word short story. Most new stuff for that is at the bottom (though I am jumping all around the short story when drafting).

Here's the issue: For that !!!SCRATCH example, if I want to add something via the mobile app, I have to open it. Edit. Scroll all the way to the top. Every time. BUT ... Moving around a note in the android mobile application is painful. Especially the editor since when you scroll, the editor is dragging around a cursor, meaning when you swipe down, it stops scrolling as soon as you lift your finger (the rendered view continues scrolling for a time).

What I wish existed: a scrollbar on the right side that enables you to move quickly up and down a note by moving the scrollbar slider with your finger. And that scrollbar doesn't have to be permanently fixed in view on the screen. It should be able to hide itself after a time out: you swipe and a scrollbar appears and then disappears after some period of time.

Hope that made sense. Thanks.

It isn't an answer to all your points but the beta editor does have inertial scrolling, you just need to opt into it. The scroll bar isn't draggable though.

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Oh. That is infinitely better. This makes it usable.

And! Now it defaults to the top of the file! Consistency! :slight_smile:

I think I am going to mark this as resolved now.


SCNR to add something to this "solved topic" thread: "draggability" would make a huge impact for scrolling through notebooks with a large number of notes. Scrolling in iOS is no fun - neither in notes nor in notebooks.


The scrollbar is draggable on my iPhone (iOS 15.6.1) in edit, the notes list, and preview mode:

Try long-press dragging the scrollbar.

That's correct: Long-pressing and dragging the scrollbar does work, but it doesn't get you very far: maybe two dozens of notes. Unfortunately it doesn't work as smoothly as it does in native iOS apps such as Safari.