iOS cannot scroll down

iPhone X
iOS 13.3.1
Joplin 10.0.47

I cannot scroll down when editing a note. Moving the cursor and typing both work fine but when I try to scroll down further in the note it bumps me back to the top page.

As a temporary workaround I have been creating new notes when necessary and merging them together on Desktop.

Could you offer the steps to reproduce this? I’m on an iPhone 11 with 13.4 and need more info, since I haven’t ran into this issue yet

I had that and fixed it be killing the app and restarting iOS

@RogerL, it’d still be useful to know what’s causing the issue and how to reproduce it.

Of course. If it happens to me again is there anything I can do/ check to help?

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Hey @bedwardly-down sorry for the delayed response.

I thought the problem was occurring every time I open a note with more text than will fit on one screen. But after some trouble shooting it seems to only happen on notes containing code blocks (90% of my notes).

Restarting the phone does not fix the issue.

Let me know if there’s anything I could try to help hone in on the problem. Thanks

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Even though this says it’s an Android Bug Fix Commit, the code fixed here applies to both Android and iOS devices. Until it’s released in the next version, there’s not really any way to test right now. I can’t wait to see what gets fixed due to having both an iOS and Android device.

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iPhone XS Max
iOS 13.4.1
Joplin 10.0.47

Same can’t scroll down issue when editing (not edit mode, scroll works fine), seems like it appeared around the same time as the split color menubar issue with dark themes on iOS.

No code blocks in the note, it’s just a long note with some checkboxes and some poundsign emphasis headers. Reboot doesn’t fix

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