Script for importing Notion notes to Joplin

I used to use Notion for everything. That was until I found Joplin. Luckily Notion has a good export tool, but I would still have to import every .md file individually, so I created an import script to import the whole zip file of the export.

I was planning on making it import images as well, but since I had few images I ended up doing it by hand. If someone wants to implement this functionality please open a PR.


Brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing this useful tool!


Generic question about this, does it only work for Linux, or also on Windows (with or without WSL) and macOS ?

I created mami/cli, which is based on nodejs and is cross-platform by default, refer to: I rewrote the joplin-blog and it is now separated into the mami project - #3 by rxliuli


Since those are shell scripts it works on Linux, macOS and Windows with WSL.

Why do you like Joplin over Notion?

Just curious. Thanks.