Export data from wiznote to joplin

Has anyone encountered the problem of exporting data from wiznote to joplin

In principle, text files can be turned into markdown, but what about tags?

You may try this: wiz2joplin

usage: w2j [-h] --output OUTPUT --wiz-dir WIZNOTE_DIR --wiz-user
           WIZNOTE_USER_ID --joplin-token JOPLIN_TOKEN
           [--joplin-host JOPLIN_HOST] [--joplin-port JOPLIN_PORT]
           [--location LOCATION] [--location-children] [--all]

Migrate from WizNote to Joplin.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        The output dir for unziped WizNote file and log file.
                        e.g. ~/wiz2joplin_output or
                        Set the data dir of WizNote. e.g ~/.wiznote or
                        C:\Program Files\WizNote
                        Set your user id(login email) of WizNote.
  --joplin-token JOPLIN_TOKEN, -t JOPLIN_TOKEN
                        Set the authorization token to access Joplin Web
                        Clipper Service.
  --joplin-host JOPLIN_HOST, -n JOPLIN_HOST
                        Set the host of your Joplin Web Clipper Service,
                        default is
  --joplin-port JOPLIN_PORT, -p JOPLIN_PORT
                        Set the port of your Joplin Web Clipper Service,
                        default is 41184
  --location LOCATION, -l LOCATION
                        Convert the location of WizNote, e.g. /My Notes/. If
                        you use the --all parameter, then skip --location
  --location-children, -r
                        Use with --location parameter, convert all children
                        location of --location.
  --all, -a             Convert all documents of your WizNote.