Scaling usability

Adding this as feature request since usability issue isn't necessarily bug:

The Joplin desktop app seems to zoom in when pressing ctrl+´

Joplin 2.6.0 (prod, linux)
from Flathub
Fedora 35 X11

^That key

I happen to hit that key combination accidentally quite often since I erase text with ctrl key. Figuring out how to unzoom the ui is extremely frustrating since the first logical thin is to press ctrl+shift+´ and then ctrl+alt+´ which won't work. For some reason, I happen to try out every possible combination with ctrl+shift and ctrl+alt but none of which will fix the issue

When you search on these forums, the first thing that pops up is changing font size using css, which wont fix the issue.

^That thread clearly instructs how to fix it, but it takes ages to find it when you don't know that such setting exists.

I don't (need to) understand why ctrl+´ zooms in. I will learn to zoom out after doing it few times but I spent about 40 minutes today trying to figure it out. For the first time in this month it took hours to fix. I'd therefore suggest binding ctrl+shift+´ or ctrl+alt+´ to default keybindings for zooming out, if you think that someone else than me will likely encounter the same issue

On US and UK keyboards in particular that key and the one next to it are the + and - keys.
I've seen other examples of things not quite working correctly (for example there is a shortcut for code blocks which is ctrl + ~ which I have had no luck with because on a UK keyboard that character is on a completely different key). It mostly seems like it is an upstream electron thing but I'm not sure if it has been fully investigated yet.

Ctrl + + / - is a pretty standard shortcut for browsers and applications for zoom in/out.
I know its not a solution but its some background info that might help explain it.

Interestingly there is something odd going on here even on uk keyboards.
Ctrl + + / - works for zoom in/out but Ctrl + Shift + + also zooms in but Ctrl + Shift + - does not zoom out again (which is what you are seeing).