Run Joplin on a webserver?

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that Jopin is available on the major OS and mobile is great. What I am missing is that I can host Joplin on a webserver so that I can access it from everywhere without the need to install anything. I am not a developer, but since it is running in election I assume that it is almost close to be a web-app?
Maybe that is already ongoing work? Happy for any further information.



Joplin server is available as a pre-release which Laurent has stated could be the starting point for a web application in the future - Joplin Server pre-release is now available but it doesn't offer what you are after at the moment.
You can also check out Foxmask's Joplin-Web but I have no idea what sort of level of functionality it offers at the moment.
The main Joplin app is also available as a portable application (on Windows) so if needed you can just load it all up onto a usb stick and use it wherever you want.


Hello @Daeraxa
thanks for the info, I did check out Foxmask's Joplin-Web but found this in an instable situation. I am also aware of the Joplin Sever - I am testing 1.6.7 currently but as you mention this is "only" the sync part. I hope that @laurent has further plans.
And yes there are ways around the usage of an web app. Im my edge case I have windows systems but this is an other story. Generally I like to run a note taking app in a bowser AND have a mobile version. This seems to be for me the highest amount of flexibility and usability.
So I hope for the web server version.

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