Joplin Web Interface w/ Joplin Server

I know that previously it wasn't possible to create a webapp for Joplin because it relied on a local sqlite database to be able to access data, and that wasn't really feasibile inside of a web browser.

Now that Joplin Server is around, is it possiblew to have a webapp version of Joplin built into the server docker container? I would LOVE to have access to Joplin without the need to install something, just to quickly check a note from a friend/family members PC or something like that, and with the server having direct access to the data and database, it sounds like it would finally be possible to build something like this (only if you're using Joplin Server)

Thanks for the consideration. Loving Joplin over other alternatives so far!

You can look up the Joplin web app on this forum. It was created by @foxmask a few years ago.

I've seen it and there's no dockerhub or container for it and the actual working codebase is deprecated at this point and the last commit to the giblab rewrite was months ago and doesn't seem to be working correctly in its current state.

I was hoping for consideration of an offical web app now that Joplin Server is a thing, since it solves the long-standing problem of not having access to a database from a browser, since joplin server can be directly connected with it.

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The branch named "vuejs" could work. But if the API changed a lot, you may have unexpected behaviour.

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