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I'm new with Joplin. I like the features of the desktop and mobile app. The sync works fine with my nextcloud. I want to change my whole google keep database to joplin.

Before I do that, there is one "feature" which I need, but I didnt found. A webinterface. I only found a depreciated nextcloud-joplin-api. But no webinterface. I often use my notes on different computers, which dont have installed joplin clients. How can I use Joplin there?

Thank you in advance


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There's a portable version of joplin I think.


If you think about it, how can there be a web interface? You do not sync with servers run by Joplin. You sync using third-party storage providers such as Dropbox, OneDrive etc. So unless these companies were to somehow provide some kind of web interface for Joplin there cannot be one. Neither you nor the Joplin creator have any control over the sync server.

However there has been a project mentioned on this forum for adding a web interface to Joplin. I believe that it requires you to have your own Nextcloud server which you can configure because you have complete control and access. Never tried it myself.

Install a Joplin client on them or, as @whitewall suggests, use the portable version on Windows machines.

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