Roadmap: Plugin implementation for Mobile

Hello, are there any plans to add plugins to the mobile version of Joplin? There have been several discussions about this topic, but with no promising answers. Here are some examples:

Would it be possible to add mobile plugin implementation to the roadmap? This would be a fundamental feature that could be further developed by plugin creators. However, without the attention of the main Joplin developers, it may not be possible to make plugins viable for both desktop and mobile platforms.


Good questions! This sentence above makes me wonder about the number of kernel developers in Joplin and the limitations that result from this. Do we have any insight into this?

Actually we have.
There are our heroes :slight_smile:

I agree!! So essentially there is little more than one full-time developer working on this great project, if I get it right from the data. I applaud this commitment. But it's a limitation.