Rich text editor : return adds two lines

The return key adds two lines instead of one. Maybe this is intended behavior, but I personally find it very annoying, and would like to turn it off if possible.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Enter the rich text editor
  2. Type "foo"
  3. Press enter
  4. Type "bar"
  5. Return to the regular editor

You will see the following:



Instead of the expected:


This question is a duplicate of this, but since it is closed and has no answers...

I don't use that editor, but this looks like a markdown thing. Have you tried toggling Options > Markdown > Enable soft breaks?

No luck : enabling it & restarting joplin did not change the behavior shown in the OP.

Same issue, is sad, I am not able to correct that. :frowning:

But why do you need to have this?

What does it mean in the context of a rich text editor? A new line is a new paragraph - in print you'll never see two lines right next to each others, unless they are within the same paragraph, or perhaps if they are bullet points.

In Markdown, two lines like this don't mean much either. Some viewers will reflow the text and make it a paragraph, others will convert to a hard break, but there's ambiguity anyway. That's why I wonder what's the goal.

The goal is to control the spacing. "A new line is a new paragraph" : My notes aren't formal print : I often use spacing to delineate ideas, sections, etc. I suppose I should probably change my habits to use H1/2/3, or bolded section headers, etc.

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