Rich text editor on macOS /iOS?

I can use the rich text editor on the windows app which is a great addtion to the md one.
I would love to have the same level of features on macOS compared to Windows.
Do you plan to add the rich text editor to the macOS app too ?
Any schedule ?
What about iOS ?
Thank you very much

macOS has exactly the same features as the Windows and Linux desktop applications.
Out of interest, as this is something that seems to be fairly common recently, where did you download Joplin from?
For example if you got it from the App Store then you are using the mobile version, the desktop release is not on the app store - check main site for versions that are available.

Is this because of the M1 macs? Does the app store now offer iOS applications to download and install on desktop hardware?

That definitely explains why a bunch of people have been installing Joplin and complaining about lack of features.

From the looks of the article it seems you can prevent apps showing up for macOS, I wonder if it might be worth Joplin doing that as I imagine this is only going to get more frequent which might be harming its reputation on mac.

Thanks, I don't know about this. I'll remove it from the store.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.
I definitely downloaded it from the store.
I'm gonna change that.

Hi Laurent, please be careful not to remove it from the iOS store.


just tested the app today for the first time on the iPadOS with ver 15.0. It looks pretty much like iOS version. No split view form markdown while editing, no bold, italic helping toolbar. Turned on all options in Config….


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