Using a third party markdown editor app in conjunction with the Joplin iOS app?

On desktop (Windows) I use Mark Text with Joplin. I like how it allows me to highlight text in WYSIWYG mode, without having to go split screen. Now I'm trying to figure out a workflow on iOS though, specifically for the iPad. I'd like to try out the safari extension @cweirup built for clipping web pages, and use a third party markdown editor for actual highlights and annotations. Is there a third party iOS markdown editor app that works well with the Joplin iOS app that you guys would recommend?

I don't think it is possible to use an external editor on mobile, be it iOS or Android.

I see. Hopefully this becomes an option at some point in the future.

Unlikely, in my opinion. I do not know much about iOS but at least Android permissions model is very restrictive compared to desktop systems. I suspect the same is true of iOS.

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Appreciate the callout for the Safari extension. Just to clarify, the Safari extension is currently just for Mac, not for iOS. At some point, I'd like to build something, but I'm much less familiar with iOS Extensions, so it will likely be a while (if ever given my current schedule).

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