Add RTE in mobile app please

Hi I only found a 2019 brief mention to this. I think Joplin is terrific and I'd keep it as simple as possible. I just think a rich text editor on the mobile app is a must nowadarys. Use: I have to update a particular note on the fly sometimes (health reasons) and it's a table. Easy on desktop, really not readable on mobile. I do use workarounds like taking the note elsewhere and putting it into Joplin later, but it's a real weak point IMHO. Is this possible to include it in the roadmap? And other members of the forun: Is it just me or is there critical mass to consider this?


Definitely would be very welcome. I prefer the Rich Text editor on the desktop too, so the mobile app in its current state I basically use for viewing notes only, leaving editing strictly for the desktop application (which includes mobile devices like Windows tablets but still...).

I keep everything very very simple.
So this is not critical for me.
I even don't use rich text editor on the desktop.