Rich text editor ios | IPad Air 4thgen 15.4.1


  1. How do I keep the visual look of a note in tact when I’m editing it?
  2. How do I use a rich text editor in the mobile app, so I can add hyperlinks, bold text, add bullet points etc.?

App Info
App Version: Joplin App for iPad from apple’s App Store 12.7.2
iPad version: IPad Air 4th generation iOS 15.4.1

Hi. I’m a newbie and I’m clearly doing something wrong. When I open Joplin on my iPad it looks very plain. A row of notebooks, besides a row of notes in a gray color.

When I try to edit a note it’ll go from this easy to read document with images etc. to a mess. This -

Is there a setting I need to turn on? How can I edit with the images still in tact etc. the way I can on Evernote or OneNote? I made the switch to Joplin from Evernote for security, but the usability and aesthetics are a challenge.

I would add more pictures for a clearer explanation, but I got a message that new users can only embed one thing in a post.


The mobile app doesn't currently have a richtext editor so all editing is done in Markdown which is what Joplin stores all of its notes as regardless of whether you used the richtext editor on desktop or not.

If you opt into the beta editor in your configuration then it will provide some syntax highlighting to make it easier to read and edit.

Not sure I'm following this? The mobile app does have a slightly different look to it but otherwise it sounds normal? You won't get the same experience as the desktop app as currently the mobile and tablet UI is exactly the same (something being worked on in a GSoC project) so you are only going to get single pane views at the moment.

Gotcha, that’s unfortunate. And yep you followed correctly.

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