Rich Text editor in Android App?

Hello :slight_smile:

I use the Android app version 1.8.5 and the Windows version 1.7.11 of the Joplin App. First I started with the Windows version, which I really liked. I just imported my almost 200 notes from Evernote (ENEX as HTML import). On Windows I just use the Rich Text editor in Joplin.

Now I synced everything using OneDrive, to have my notes on my Android smartphone using the Joplin Android app, downloaded from Google PlayStore.

If I try to edit a note on my mobile phone, I just see all the HTML stuff, which is not usable for me (it looks really weird and I'm normally able to understand HTML). I didn't see a way to open the Rich Text editor. Is this missing in the Android app?

Thanks in advance for your help.

There's no Rich Text Editor on Android as the only available open-source component was buggy and unstable.

Oh, okay. Thanks for your answer.
So I have to stay at Evernote. But keep up the good work. If there is a Rich Text editor on Android someday, I will consider switching again.

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