Rich Text Editor integration improvements

I noticed that improving integration for the Rich Text editor was one of the GSoC projects, but no one seems to have done that as a project. Is that right, and if so can anyone (i.e. me) start working on improvements for this editor?

Because it looks like some pretty small edits could cause a relatively big improvements in usability, for example adding some of the missing shortcuts.


Yes! Contributions would be welcome!

Okay cool, I'll start playing around.

I did run into this: In KeymapService Ctrl+Alt+- is mapped to textBulletedList. In the Rich Text Editor this shortcut doesn't work, but it uses Ctrl+Shift+8 for this. Is also has Ctrl+Shift+7 to insert an numbered list and Ctrl+Shift+9 to insert a chceckbox list.

It would be really easy to have both Ctrl+Alt+- and Ctrl+Shift+8 insert a bulleted list in the RTE , but I think it would be more useful to make both editors have the same shortcuts. Having the shortcuts for the three lists next to each other on Ctrl+Shift+7/8/9 seem like a good option, but that would mean changing the shortcut for textBulletedList and I don't know if a change like that is desirable. I also thought about adding the other two lists to KeymapService with the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+<some_key_close_to_dash>, but the location of the dash-key seems to vary wildly between keyboard layouts.

What would be a good way to go about this?


For reference, here are some rich-text-editor-related issues:

If I have time, I might work on the first one of these!

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