Rich Text editor - bottom yellow note - option to hide it

Please make it possible to hide the yellow note on the bottom of the Rich Text editor ("This is an experimental ..."). It gets really annoying over time.


This is a purpose. It should be annoying to prevent widespread usage. There are still too many errors with it to use it as a primary editor.

I hope this message would be removed only when the editor would be 99.99% reliable.

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The main issue is to inform the users about what the Rich Text editor can do and cannot do. I use the Rich Text editor every day and many other users do, and for it's intended purpose it's bug free

However there are also many things the editor is not meant to do, such as editing code generated by Markdown plugins, or creating tables without a header (doesn't exist in Markdown), having multiple new lines (would be collapsed in Markdown), etc. and the difficulty is how to make that clear to the user. For many it will seem like a bug, when it's not - it's simply not supported and probably never will be.

So for me it's not clear what to do next. I'd like to remove that banner, but I also don't want bug reports every day because someone lost their multi-markdown table, or can't have bullet points inside tables (not supported in Markdown).

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I fully understand that. Would it be an idea if the window is visible when Joplin is started, but the user can close or hide it?

Okay. I'll use my own stylesheet with display: none until the editor is stable.