Feedback: enabling the rich text WYSIWYG editor is too hard

I was googling "joplin wysiwyg" and found About the Rich Text editor | Joplin , was happy to find out Joplin has one.

I searched every single option in Tools > Settings, as well as every menu option in the menu toolbar, nothing about WYSIWYG. Opening the Help And Documentation link in the help menu doesn't say either. I started suspecting it was only available in some insider beta version or something.

So, suggestion: the menu should have an option under View, "Switch to Rich Text Editor".

For anyone from the future who finds this thread (I picked keywords in my post title to make it findable), in case Laurent doesn't add a menu option by the time you read this, you activate the WYSIWYG editor by clicking either of the two buttons near the top right of the note you're writing, under the circled "i" icon.

Not really sure whay you understand by hard, but View is the obvious choice to add a menu item for the WYSIWYG editor. Also, a separate toolbar button with a tooltip that says Toogle editors doesn't seem very hard to me.

By hard I mean hard to find. I went through the whole GUI settings and menu and couldn't find it, the average user would assume it's not possible in Joplin.

The Toggle Editors button on the right is not the appropriate place IMO. It's OK to have it there for redundancy and quick toggling, but the average person uses the menu and settings page for discoverability. View > Switch to Rich Text Editor is so much nicer.

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