Resources cleanup (images)

I am new to Joplin and would like to have a clear explaination on how the cleanup process works.
I mean I've read in several posts that Joplin does a resources cleanup every 10 days (or 2 days in older post).
I am running a Portable version of Joplin (version 1.7.11 for Windows) and have made some tests:

  • Creating a Note on 19/2
  • Adding screenshot in the note
  • removing the screenshot in the note
  • And as of today 1st of March, the resources associated to the screenshots are still in the ~resources folder

Maybe I don't understand correctly the cleanup process or is it because of Portable edition?

Thank you for your help

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What are your note history settings?

Hello Jack,
Thanks for the Hint.
My History settigns is 90 days.
So, if I understand well, the resources won't be deleted since there might be a note (in the history) which would need the resources?

Correct. Only after 90 days

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