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Clean up resources folder

I have two questions when it comes to cleaning up resources (like images) from Joplin

  1. When I delete a note, it seems that the resources it has (images stored in .config/joplin-desktop/resources) aren’t removed. Is there any way to do that, without requiring me to manually delete files?
  2. Is there a way to delete resources that are no longer in use by notes? I have an old image that I want to remove and I could just delete the file in the .config/joplin-desktop/resources folder, but is there a better way of doing that?


Resources should be automatically deleted after 48 hours, if they are no longer associated with any notes. But there’s a bug open at gh that mentions that orphaned resources are not automatically deleted. Unfortunately this haan’t been fixed yet.
So sometimes they seem to be deleted and sometimes they are not.

Not really, but you could use the script jnrmor from

Please backup your .config/joplin-desktop folder, just in case!

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Okay I have installed bash shell on Windows. I have installed the getopt dependency. Now I can run your command jnrmor. I have it looking at your conf file however, for the:

Joplin settings directory


are you looking for the Joplin folder that has the sql database file in it?


I will add a better comment to the template conf file.

Sorry to revive an old topic, but about two weeks ago I deleted a large number of notes because they were large PDF files taking up a lot of room. However, the .resource folder in Dropbox still contains those files.

Rather than using the script, I think I prefer to start from scratch… what is the best way to do that?

  • Export everything to joplin.jex
  • Move Apps\Joplin out of Dropbox
  • Move .config\joplin-desktop out of my Windows user folder
  • Import joplin.jex
  • Sync

Is that the correct way to do it and the most failsafe method against losing content? Am I missing a step? Thanks :smiley: