Html/pdf export template

Good evening,

I’m in need of exporting a whole notebook in a printable/readable format. So far, I have tried the available options:

  • on notebook, export as html file: Exports only one note, not all of them.
  • on notebook, export as html folder: Exports all of the notes.
  • on notebook, export as MD: Exports all notes, but no metadata, just content.
  • on notebook, export as json folder: Exports all notes, but tags are missing

Any idea, how to get all notes with their tags printed/exported?

could you find a solution for this? I am facing the same problem. on notebook export as MD even exports it to a bunch of MD-fles.

Is there any way to export to PDF or HTML all the notes from a folder and any subfolders recursively?

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. It is easy. Within the notebook, select all the notes. Ctrl A will work or select the top and shift select the bottom. Immediately a menu pops up and asks what you want to do with all those notes, combine them? or switch note types, or export? I always export as PDF, and they look fine.

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