Request: Make a save file for joplin

The sync of Joplin have some problems, for example, mobile don’t share the same notes… This is a problem because i can’t write a note in desktop and open in mobile or vice versa…

Export with JEX archiver don’t resolve this because is necessary delete all notes and import all notes again… But, i have a idea… Is possible create a save file with these 3 proprieties?

  1. One file how JEX
  2. With Sync option
    2.1 Identify all modifications
    2.2 Create only new notes
    2.3 Update all changed notes
    2.4 Must works how others syncs works
  3. With Load option
    3.1 For use how a “portable data base”
    3.2 Load all notes of save file quickly
    3.3 All local notes will be temporally hiden
    3.4 This option don’t save anything in computer or sync
    3.5 We can save all progress in the save file for use in other device

Sure it does. It's the whole idea of using sync. If it's not working for you, we should try to figure out why.

In other post i understand that the sync don’t works with me because the version of my android… But i edit the idea… What a suggest have any sense or is impossible?

IMO it doesn’t make any sense, since we have the sync option.

Adding a feature as a workaround, which would take a lot of effort and time to develop, makes no sense to any developer.

Good, a extra sync option with file can help in offline cases and the load option is useful for use the program in other devices that not is mine.

But, i understand that is very complex and don't pays off make this. How ever, thank for all. :slight_smile:

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There is already file system sync (although it is multiple file), does this not work for your use case?

I use JEX for work in multiple devices, because the sync don’t works with me. The local file system sync works, but, i can’t “load” local sync in other computer without save my documents in data base… Don’t have this option cause a problem with privacy when access in other computer.

Because this, i need do this process all times:

  1. Export notes for JEX format
  2. Remove all notes of target device
  3. Import all notes with JEX archive

I am thinking how do a “Sync file” and “Load system” for the Joplin with simple modifications in line codes… Do you have some advice that i must try?

As Caleb and tessus mentioned, this is sync, and sync is never simple. If you want to do manual sync, this is what you are already doing - you first delete the local data, then you re-import.

Ok, thanks for reply. I will post if i got something…