Editing synchronized files on mobile phone

Hello. I found Joplin a few days ago and am very impressed. I want to transfer all my notes from other programs but I need help with one thing.

I have Joplin installed on my laptop (macOS) and iPhone. I turned on sync via Dropbox + E2E encryption. Notes work very well. Unfortunately, if I add a file to the note, I cannot edit it on the phone. I tried with different formats - .numbers, .pages, .xls, .csv, .xml etc and nothing. On the phone, after clicking on the link, the file opens, but only in the preview - it is not possible to edit it.

Should I have access to the editing file on my Iphone? I think yes so maybe do you know what is the problem?

You ned a App to edit the desired file type on your Phone. Tany you can long click on the file in Joplin and share the file to the App.
But keep in minde when you save the file in an externeal App, the cnage ist not syncronized back, you have to share the edited file to Joplin!

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Ok, it works, but it's terribly annoying. There is no better way to do this? :frowning:

I think this is the same behavior/limitation that other mobile apps (Evernote) have.

Okay maybe.
I expected something like:
Click on document link in Joplin -> Preview opens -> Click edit button -> Edit doc -> Save -> Return to Joplin -> File updated.
It Will be much easier but I think this is a problem with a mobile phone, not with app (e.g. Joplin).

It's not a problem with the phone, it's just that this feature isn't implemented in Joplin mobile.

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