Reporting bugs on Github issue trackers of Joplin plugins and forks

For certain Joplin plugins and forks, would it be a good idea to file bugs and support questions alike on their Github issue trackers?

In particular, for those plugins or forks whose developers have:

  • Shared and discussed their plugin or fork on Discourse, but have not returned for months or years
  • A Github repository (or plugin or fork issue tracker) more active than their Discourse account
  • More frequent or recent Github activity than their forum activity
  • Not replied back to replies or mentions as quickly as they used to, or for months or years
  • Don't have notifications turned on for Discourse activity, which could explain any or all of the above

I ask not to bother them, but to meet them where they're at and resolve unanswered questions when possible. Also, to confirm whether they have moved on from their contributions, so other outlets can be made aware.

Proactive measures like this could shorten response times and/or start alleviating this overarching issue:

Other than Discourse users not owning (or wanting to own) Github accounts, what other good reasons would (or should) prevent them from reaching out to developers in this manner? If any, how can those gaps be bridged?


This pull-request is somewhat related:

It adds a "report an issue" menu for mobile plugins. At present, it includes options for reporting plugin issues on the forum and, if it can find a GitHub/GitLab repository for the plugin, on GitHub/GitLab.