Repeating todo plugin

Not sure this is the right place for my query (I am new in Joplin)

I do not understand how the Repeating todo plugin works, or may be it does not work at all on my computer (?) and the comments of the plugin page are not clear for me also. Can anyone explain or give a screenshot of what this plugin is supposed to do, for ex., when mentioning repeats in terms of days, hours, mns, etc. What should I do to have it functioning as per its description hereafter?

(This plugin allows to-dos to be repeated every minute, hour, day, week, month and year, based on the to-do alarm date and time. Weekly to-dos can also recur on specific weekdays (eg Mon-Fri or Sun, Sat and Wendesday, etc.) and monthly to-dos can recur on specific weekdays of the month (eg, the first Sunday, the second Friday, the last Tuesday, etc)

Thanks in advance

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Hm, it seems a bit buggy. Creating a to-do, right-clicking it, choosing "Switch between to-do and note" and then back solved it for me.

Dear all,

I have just installed this plugin, but clicking on the "Open Recurrence Dialog" has no effect whatsoever.

Since it was developed some time ago and apparently is no longer supported; does it still work with Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, linux), or am I just too stupid to use it properly?


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A previous week I also installed this plugin and it looks like the plugin is abandoned.