Remove Old E2EE Master Keys

I’m running the latest version of Joplin for iPadOS.
I’ve decrypted all of my notes successfully, but I want to also delete all of the old keys referenced so I can start over from scratch. It’s gotten all messed up while I was learning about the process. How do I delete the old keys? There used to be a way to search for them in the folder structure of where the source Joplin files are located. That no longer appears to be the case.

Even though I’m trying to migrate to Joplin Cloud, they have declined assistance assuming you can find the one random place on their website where you can find details to contact them (Privacy Page - because that makes sense).

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I've been experiencing a similar problem — in addition to being unable to remove old encryption keys, I'm frequently prompted to set the decryption password (see the associated GitHub issue).

Replying to keep alive

Generally Joplin cloud is Good for me. It's not E2E secure because I, too messed up my (two) keys and can't remove nor change them.
Anyway most my notes are drivel so encryption is wasted on them.

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Isn't it possible to disable the keys that are not needed?

If not please post a screenshot of your encryption config screen

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